Hydropool Self Clean 720

The Self-Cleaning 720 is one of the most sociable hot tubs on the market with the wrap-around seating style, it's ideal for entertaining. The seating is complete with two bucket seats, multi level seating and a combination lounger.All hydrotherapy jets, in every seat, are inter-changeable making it possible to create your own hydrotherapy heaven.

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Technical Specifications:

Seating: 6-7 persons

Outer Dimensions: (229cm x 229cm x 96.5cm)

Volume: 1649 L

Weight Full: 2053 Kgs


Series Available: Platinum (55 Therapy Jets)


Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs are engineered to be the most energy efficient hot tubs in the World..

Approx. Running Cost

Ambient Outdoor Temperature:   

Monthly Cost:
Low: 45° F / 7° C                               

Monthly Cost: Approx. £10.71
High: 75° F / 24°C                             

Monthly Cost: Approx. £4.84

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