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We are sure you have lots of questions regarding our Camping Cabins and Arches. We have tried to answer most of them here, however if there is anything you wish to know please call or drop us an email and we will get straight back to you.


Why are your Camping Cabins superior to other cheaper versions on the market?

Our Camping Cabins are manufactured from Norwegian slow grown Redwood Pine. It is a very dense sap rich wood which retains warmth very well and because its 120 years old it does not buckle, twist or split like some of the other types of wood used by our competitors.We only use commercial grade roofing felt that is designed to contract and expand in varying temperatures. It has a 10 year manufacturers guarantee


What return can I expect on my investment?

We understand that the most important factor in deciding to add Camping Cabins to your site is knowing that they will be profitable. Based on research cabin occupancy ranges from 50% to 60% for sites open 12 months of the year. Rental rates also range between £40 - £60 per night depending on location and season. Taking this into consideration even with a pessimistic assumption of 40% occupancy at £40 per night the revenue each year would be approaching £6000.A well maintained Camping Cabin will last many years as much of the exterior is made up of the shingle roof. If we work on a 5 year forecast the revenue from 1 Camping Cabin alone would be between £20,000 and £30,000


Where can I see one of your Cabins?

We have a BBQ Cabin, which is very similar to the Traditional Camping Cabin, and one of our Garden Rooms together with a selection of Hydropool Hot Tubs in our showroom located here. We would love to show you around and we might even put the kettle on.If our opening times don't suit, just give us a call and we will arrange a time more convenient to you.Should you wish to see our whole product range we would be happy to arrange a factory visit, just give us a call.


Do I need Planning Permission for a Camping Cabin?

In most cases you do not need planning permission as our Camping Cabins are under 4m high, however if planning permission is an issue with your site you could always consider our chassis and wheels option whereby making your Camping Cabins mobile and there by avoiding some planning restrictions.


What type of base do I need?

A concrete or timber base needs to be in place before we can erect/deliver your camping cabins. This is something we can provide for you at an extra cost or you may prefer a local builder to quote you for the work. Please click here for more information on base types and floor plans.


How much maintenance do the Camping Cabins require?

We recommend that you protect the outside of your Camping Cabin initially with at least 2 coats of Sovereign or any major wood preserve and then an annual coat thereafter.The flooring can be protected with either a paint or stain for easier cleaning, or you may wish to use rugs or carpet.We advise leaving the interior walls natural to allow the wood to breath.


Can I build the Camping Cabin/Arch myself?

We employ our own teams of expert fitters who will erect your Camping Cabin in only 1 day (depending on complexity of the design) and building it yourself would invalidate any Manufacturers Warranty that we give.In the case of our Camping Arches they are delivered to your site fully built from our factory in Derbyshire

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